About Solo Cup Collage

SOLO is the ORIGINAL Sign of Good Times.

Since 1936, SOLO has inspired millions to host spontaneous gatherings celebrating food, fun and family. As the creator of the iconic Red SOLO Cup, SOLO now offers a wide variety of tabletop solutions for all of your party needs. SOLOBRATE the good times with us!

Our devoted fans post over 400,000 photos with our valued products per year and have engaged with us online over 4 million times. Exciting plans are unfolding in 2018 to reward fans for their loyalty and further inspire a new movement of spontaneous gatherings.

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The SOLO brand, now part of Dart Container, has proven to be a timeless, iconic, global symbol of food, fun and friendships.

How does SOLO inspire so many smiles?

The following accolades might provide some clues:

A Modern Engineering Marvel – the Red SOLO Cup
–Washington Post, Jan 2017

 “A Brief History of the SOLO Cup – Everyone’s Favorite Party Staple
–Vice, June 2016

“Top 100 American Icons of all time” (SOLO Cup, right next to Betty White!)
–People Magazine, June 2016

The Red SOLO Cup: Every Party’s Most Popular Guest
–NPR, Sept 2011

"Humble Masterpieces", a design exhibition, honored SOLO Cup’s Traveler Lid
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, 2004

Solo History

A SOLO Cup History

  • 1936: Leo Hulseman founded the SOLO Cup Company
  • 1970: Hulseman family was the first SOLO Cup focus group
  • 1976: the iconic plastic SOLO Cup was patented
  • 1980–2000: SOLO Cup brand expanded to consumer and foodservice supply
  • 2012: SOLO Cup Company purchased by Dart Container Corporation greatly expanding the product line
  • Today and Future: Dart Container Corporation began construction of a new Innovation Center at headquarters in Mason, Michigan to continue to innovate and evolve, ensuring that the SOLO brand remains a go-to connector for food, fun, friendships and more.