Single-use products play an important role in the safe and secure preparation, service, and consumption of foods and beverages. As a global supplier of single-use products, Solo takes an Eco-Forward® approach to sustainable solutions that optimize the use of post-consumer recycled content, recyclable, compostable or renewable resource materials, while continuing to meet the demand for durable, affordable packaging.

Solo Cup Sustainability

Solo's commitment to sustainability rests on three pillars:

  • Options: Providing choices to consumers and foodservice operators so they can identify what best fits their sustainability goals, price considerations and functional constraints.
  • Investment: Continuing to innovate for the future of sustainable foodservice packaging.
  • Education: Dispelling myths and empowering customers to make more informed choices by providing information about the materials used in single-use packaging, as well as disposal options for all Solo products.

Solo is committed to protecting human health, natural resources, and the environment in which we live and operate. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with the law to include efforts to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products. Continuous improvement through innovation to achieve superior environmentally sound results is the responsibility of all Solo employees. Together, our business can make a difference.

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