Hand gripping an 8.5 inch patterned paper plate perfect for lunches and picnics

AnyDay Paper Plate

- 8.5 in

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*Color availability may vary between stores and online retailers.

When using a microwave, please limit only to re-heating food. Exercise caution before removing the plate from the microwave.

These products are only compostable in commercial composting facilities. Please make sure you have one of these facilities in your area. These are not suitable for backyard composting.

Multi-generational family baking sugar cookies and arranging them on an 8.5 inch paper plate

Product Description

SOLO paper plates are great for any event, from brunch with friends to a picnic with your kids! Solo® AnyDay Paper Plates are a great medium size plate perfect for any portion, and the new design is now stronger than ever before. These 8.5 inch paper plates feature adorable designs that are surely add flair to mealtime. These are also made from 99% plant-based renewable resources!

Perfect for

  • Family gatherings
  • Chicken nuggets and applesauce
  • Making crafts like paper plate UFOs

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